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Congratulations to Alison for qualifying for state in Business Professionals of America competition. She competed in the Intermediate Word and was one of the top students in the state. The contest included public schools and Vo-Tech School students. She will compete in Tulsa on March 13th at the state BPA conference.
Congratulations to junior Robert Spurlin for winning second place in the Oklahoma City National Memorial & Musuem's Essay Contest! This year's contest focused on the significance of healthy debate and promoting civility. The recognition ceremony will be held on March 4, 2018 at 2:00 PM.

Homecoming week was held January 22-26. There were lots of fun activities throughout the week which included poster contests, dress up days, a pep-rally, and a dance. Monday-PJ Day, Tuesday-Camo Day, Wednesday-College Gear Day, Thursday-Salad Day, and Friday-Spirit Day.

The King candidates were: Brayden, Reed, and Aaron. The Queen cadidates were: Kayden and Taylor. The crown bearer was Connor and the flower girl was Briar. The 2018 Homecoming King and Queen were Reed and Taylor.

Following the DCLA vs. Lomega games there was a homecoming dance in the cafeteria with DJ Coach Kyle Hatfield, which included snacks, prizes, and lots of dancing.

Red Ribbon Week was held October 23-27 at Deer Creek-Lamont School. It was celebrated with a poster contest, dress up days and candy and red ribbon week free items.

Students who won the poster contest included: Breagan, Carly, Brenden, Brianna, Ashlynn, and Cason. The Pre-K did a coloring contest and the winner was Briston.

Dress up days included; Monday- Drugs turn you inside out (wear your shirts inside out). Tuesday- I mustache you to stay off drugs (wear a mustache). Wednesday- Dont make yourself a target - be drug free (wear camo). Thursday- Peace out to drugs (wear tie dye and peace signs). Friday- Spook out the drugs (wear your Halloween costumes).

Preston Kysar is the new high school principal at Deer Creek-Lamont. Mr. Kysar previously taught at DCLA from 2005-2007, Edmond North: 2007-2011, Jones: 2011-2013, and Blackwell: 2013-2017. He decided to rejoin the Deer Creek-Lamont community because he enjoyed his time here from 2005-2007. He wants his kids to grow up in a small community and have the same types of experiences that he had growing up, plus this is his wifes hometown.

His favorite part about being here is the great students and teachers, the great community, and a great parent support. He is the Head Football Coach, Athletic Director, Asst. Girls Basketball Coach, and Head Track Coach.

Mr. Kysar's favorite accomplishment is working hard for his family to provide a quality life for them. His favorite motto is, "If you want to be good, you really don't have a lot of choices, because it takes what it takes."

His favorite holidays are Thanksgiving and Christmas. Thanksgiving because he loves to eat and see his family, Christmas because it also has food and family, but Christmas has presents. Christmas is his favorite holiday.


Coach Kyle Hatfield is the new elementary P.E Teacher and the Junior High History Teacher. He is also the Head HS Boys Basketball Coach, Head Basektball Coach for the Junior High Boys and Girls, 5th and 6th Grade Boys and Girls Basketball Coach, Asst. High School and Junior High Football Coach, and the Asst. Junior High and High School Track Coach.

Coach Hatfield came from Okemah to DCLA because Mrs. Regier was willing to take a chance on him plus it is where Tom Condict started his career.

His favorite animal is a wolf. His pet peeve is that he doesn't do stupid and he can't spell. His favorite college football team is OU, and his favorite NFL teams are the Saints and the Dallas Cowboys. Last but not least, his favorite basketball team is the Spurs.

As a child, Coach Hatfield wanted to be either a meterologist or an athletic trainer. He thinks that he is both a leader and a follower because "good leaders are good followers".


Ms. Ashley Powell is the new Ag teacher here at Deer Creek-Lamont. She came to DCLA to start her teaching career. Her favorite part about teaching is that she gets to teach students about the different aspects of Ag.

The most courageous thing that Ms. Powell has done is move to a town that is 5 hours away from home and not knowing anyone. Her favorite tv shows are Grey's Anatomy, Big Brother, and The Challenge.

Ms. Powell's favorite resturant is Campo Verde. Her favorite motto is, "Perception is Reality".

The FFA held an Ice Cream Social on Thursday, August 17th at the Lamont Cafeteria. The community was invited to eat ice cream, homemade desserts and learn more about the FFA program. The evening started off in the cafeteria with the FFA officers serving ice cream and desserts. After ice cream the FFA officers introduced themselves and told about upcoming activities, one being a blood drive on September 6th. The FFA officers encouraged the community members to donate blood and save a life. After the FFA officers spoke, they invited the guests to play volleyball outside. A good time was had by all.
Open House was held on Tuesday, August 22nd at the Deer Creek-Lamont School on Deer Creek campus. The teachers and staff invited everyone to come and visit with the teachers and staff and check out the classrooms. Each teacher also held a 10 minute introductory session for the new students and parents that would be associated with their classroom this school year. Students, teachers and parents got to know each other. The open house was a great success and the staff at Deer Creek-Lamont is looking forward to a successful new year.
Homecoming week was held September 25-29. The week started out with dress up days such as Monday-Mathlete vs Athlete, Tuesday-Twins vs Opposites, Wednesday-Country Club vs Country, Thursday-Past vs Future, and Friday-Spirit Day. Wednesday night was a tailgate party for the DCLA Community. Friday was filled with all sorts of excitement. There was a pep-rally at 2:45 p.m. where the whole school came together and played games and cheered on our football boys. Coronation started at 7:10 p.m. in which Kayden Rhea was crowned Queen and Aaron Stahl was crowned King. Following the DCLA vs Medord game was a dance held in the cafeteria with DJ Nash Poulter. Overall the week was very exciting and lots of fun.