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Parents here is a link to resources to help college planning: http://www.bestcolleges.com/resources/#college-planning



B.Davis Scholarship




https://www.uewhealth.com/eeoicpa-reca/#scholarship-application --- award amount$1000

ACT Schedule 2017-18

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September 9

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Main: (319) 337-1000

Registration Inquiries (319) 337-1270

FREE Summer Academies 

For students entering 8th-12th grades in the fall of 2014

Concurrent Enrollment

NOC Concurrent Enrollment Form 

    Requirements for Juniors: ACT score of 21 and 21 on subject area in which you wish to enroll.

    Requirements for Seniors: ACT score of 19 and 19 on subject area in which you wish to enroll.

12 Common FAFSA Mistakes http://blog.ed.gov/2016/09/12-common-fafsa-mistakes/


Financial Aid Links

Federal Student Aid on Facebook

FAFSA on Twitter

Federal Student Aid on YouTube

Federal Student Aid Infographics

Scholarship Search Sallie Mae

Educational Investment Planner

Scholarship and Financial Aid News

Student Aid on the Web

FSEOG- Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant Program

Federal Pell Grant

Oklahoma College Assistance Program

OTAG- Oklahoma Tuition Aid Grant

OKCollege Start

Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)

Federal School Code List

Federal Student Aid Student Portal  

Department of Education on Financial Aid

Tax Benefits for Higher Education

FinAid - Good resource for students and parents

34 Ways to Reduce College Costs

Fund Finder 

Payment for College


Paying for College

Fastweb's College Gold

College Goal Sunday

Oklahoma College Assistance Program

Federal Student Aid for Students

Mapping Your Future

National Association of Financial Aid Administrators

Guide to Federal Student Aid

Financial Aid Calculators 

Federal Pelll Grant

Loan Information

Federal Perkins Loan Awarded based on exceptional need.  Interest is subsidized and fixed at 5%.  No fees.  Repayment begins 9 months after graduation or dropping below half-time enrollment status.

Federal Stafford Loan-Subsidized - Interest accrues starting 6 months after graduation.  Fixed interest rate is 4.5% if loan originated on/after July 1, 2010 for undergraduate students.  1% fees. Unsubsidized - Interest accrues during school.  Fixed interest rate is 6.8% if loan originated on/after July 1, 2006.  1% fees. On loans first disbursed on or after July 1, 2009, annual limits have increased by $2,000 for independent and dependent undergrads. Repayment begins 6 months after graduation or after dropping below half-time enrollment status.

Federal Parent PLUS Loan-If loan originated on/after July 1, 2006, Direct PLUS fixed interest rate is 7.9% with 4% fees. Repayment begins 60 days after full disbursement, or 6 months after student graduated or drops below half-time.  Interest continues to accrue during deferment.

Direct Consolidation Loan

Student Budget Calculator

How to Calculate Your Monthly House Payment

63 Quick Tips to Save Money in College


Scholarship Links

Ziprecruiter Scholarship

Ziprecruiter Rules


The Gates Millennium Scholars Program

Ronald McDonald House Charities U.S. Scholarship Program 

Oklahoma Scholarships

Scholarship Search 

Burger King Scholars Program

Delta Theta Chi

Gridiron Foundation Scholarship

KFC Colonel's Scholarship

Next Step U

Oklahoma Council of Public Affairs Essay Contest

Oklahoma Engineering Foundation (OEF)

American Legion National High School Oratorical Contest

College Savings Plan Network

CSS Financial Aid Profile

Direct Loans

Student Loans

Local Scholarships will be handed out April 28th

Scholarship Scams
Look for these signs that you are being scammed
*You have to pay a fee or "taxes"
*Money-back offers or guarantees
*Credit card or bank account information required
*Provide "exclusive" information


The Gates Millennium Scholars Program for 8-11 grades

College Board

Chronicle of Higher Education

ERIC (Education Resources Information Center)

College Insight

Higher Education Watch

Inside Higher Ed

National Center for Education Statistics

Student Gateway to U.S. Government 

U.S. Department of Education

Choosing a Major/Career/Preparing for College


Oklahoma Higher Education Directory

College Prep Checklist

Oklahoma's Official Guide to Preparing for College

Monster College

Career One Stop

Occupational Outlook Handbook

OHLAP (Oklahoma's Promise)

Apply for OHLAP Online Deadline July 1, 2013

Download OHLAP form here:Deadline July 1, 2013

Foster Care Tuition Waiver

Information on Foster Care Tuition Waiver

Oklahoma Colleges & Universities

Oklahoma Colleges


    SWOSU Homepage

    SWOSU Campus Tour Application

    SWOSU Online Application

    SWOSU Printable Application

    SWOSU Tuition and Fees

    SWOSU Freshman Scholarship Application

    SWOSU Financial Aid

    SWOSU Housing Application

    SWOSU Degrees and Programs of Study


    NWOSU Homepage

    NWOSU Campus Tour Application

    NWOSU Online Application

    NWOSU Printable Application

    NWOSU Tuition and Fees

    NWOSU Scholarship Application

    NWOSU Scholarships

    NWOSU Housing

    NWOSU Degrees and Programs of Study


    OU Homepage

    OU Campus Tour Application

    OU Online Application

    OU Printable Application

    OU Tuition and Fees

    OU Freshman Scholarships

    OU Scholarships

    OU Housing

    OU Degrees and Programs of Study

    OU National Scholars Program (National Merit Scholars)

    OU Honor's College

            OU Honor's College Application    


    OSU Homepage

    OSU Campus Tour Application

    OSU Online Application

    OSU Printable Application

    OSU Tuition and Fees

            OSU Tuition Estimate

    OSU Financial Aid

    OSU Scholarships

    OSU Freshman Scholarship

    OSU Housing

    OSU Degrees and Programs of Study

    OSU National Merit Scholars Program

    OSU Honor's College

            OSU Honor's College Application

    The everything you need to know about OSU packet


UCO Go Here First! Everything in one spot for Freshmen! 

Apply to UCO

UCO Scholarship opportunities

Campus Tours

Tuition and Fees

UCO Majors

Testing Services (CLEP)

UCO Work Study

Apply for Housing 

Parent Page 

Career Tech

Oklahoma Career Tech


Military Branches

Selective Service System

Students who need a letter of recommendation from the counselor should give detailed information as to what is required for the letter of recommendation and where to send the letter once it is completed.  Please allow 2 weeks for letters of recommendation.  During busy times of the year in the counseling office, turn around time may be 2-3 weeks.  Failure to provide adequate information will delay the process considerably.